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Looking for One Day and Residential 


True North Insight offers meditation retreats in Ontario and Quebec


The world is getting noisier, and it’s affecting our health.  How much will people pay for silence?

Why sounds of nature might be the best source of meditation

Research Articles and Information:

Evaluating distance education of a mindfulness-based meditation programme for chronic pain management

Validating PRISM (Pictorial Representation of Illness and Self Measure) as a Measure of Suffering in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Patients

Exploring the Effectiveness of a Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management Course Delivered Simultaneously to On-Site and Off-Site Patients Using Telemedicine

JPR-Sensitivity to Pain Traumatization Scale development, validation, and preliminary findings

The Universities of Bangor, Exeter and Oxford  – Development and Validation of the Mindfulness-Based Interventions – Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBITAC)

Defining Trauma-Informed, which characterizes what NNC has built into the Mindfulness course offerings:

A good resource: Kelly McGonigal’s talk on: What Science can teach us about Practice: The NeuroScience of Mindfulness:

A fun you tube video to access about men and womens’ differences in brain processing:

A great  TED talk about education and how the current emphasis on education disembodies us, gradually pushing us to live in our heads —and use our bodies for transporting our heads(!):

11 little known laws of mindfulness that will change the way you live your life.

In the News

CBC News Story: Meditation for pain relief gains respect from doctor featuring Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix and past course patients originally broadcast on December 11, 2012 on local evening news and then again on The National.

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